About Top Half Series

The Top Half Series is based in the top half of the North Island of New Zealand. The series consists of 4 rallying events which are held from May through to October.

Competitors come from all over New Zealand to compete on gravel and tarmac roads, in cars ranging from Subaru Impreza’s to Toyota Corolla’s. The driver who collects the most points from each round of the series wins.

Over the years, the Top Half Rally Series has had a number of sponsors who have helped make the series the success it is today. Apart from one year (1997) and the amalgamation of the Top Half and Central Region Series’ in 2007/2008, the series has been sponsored by a variety of companies.

Car Insurance Premium

Does Your Credit Score Impact Your Car Insurance Premium?

When it comes to getting the best rate on car insurance, you need to understand what factors go into deciding what your monthly premium is. These factors can vary depending on the car insurance company, however, there are many common factors that all of these companies utilize to some extent.

Your driving record is one of the major factors that decides whether an insurance company is willing to insure you and at what monthly rate. Those who have a history of auto accident claims are more likely to be rejected for insurance or charged an exceedingly high rate for coverage. Some other factors include your age, gender, car model, home address, and yes, your credit score.

Your credit score is used as a factor to consider your car insurance rate in every state except for California, Massachusetts, and Hawaii. This is simply down to the fact that statistical evidence has shown that individuals who have a poor credit score tend to report more insurance claims than those who have a higher credit score. Learn more about Car Insurance NZ https://www.youi.co.nz/car-insurance-nz

There are been two major studies that are commonly documented as showing this correlation. These are the 2003 study done at the Mccombs School of Business and the 2007 study done by the Federal Trade Commission. These studies did not provide any sort of explanation of why those with a lower credit score, on average, cost a car insurance company more money in claims. These studies simply reported on findings.

To ensure you get the best car insurance rate you should work on improving your credit score. Anything below a good score can be improved on and you should definitely try to. It’s a good idea to contact your insurance company every six months and request a rate change if your credit score is improving.

Car Insurance

The debate over whether this factor is fair or not for those needing car insurance is a hot topic. There tend to be experts at both ends of the spectrum stating why using credit scores is appropriate and inappropriate for determining an individual’s car insurance rate.

On the one side, experts are stating that the insurance business is one of risk assessment. Insurance companies take many factors into account when determining an individual’s risk, with a credit score being one of them. They believe that using a person’s credit score is a fair assessment.

On the other side, different experts are stating that using a person’s credit score to determine their insurance rate is essentially putting consumers in rate classes. Utilizing rate classes is prohibited as it’s considered discrimination. Either way, car insurance companies continue to use a person’s credit score to factor in the cost of their monthly premium.